About Colleen Jamieson

My Story


My name is Colleen Jamieson and I am delighted to meet you. I am passionate about helping you find your way towards your true essence, an essence filled with freedom to be exactly who you were destined to be. This looks like meeting the divine within you, embracing mind, body and spirit. This looks like an exciting journey to rediscover what motivates and drives you. What is it that makes your soul sing?

My journey to become a healer began with a fascination for human nature rooted in my own personal struggle with anxiety and depression since I was very young. The limitations I met in my own healing journey with pharmaceuticals and therapy mirrored the limitations I met in the professional world as I studied psychology.

A pivotal moment for me was when I was working at an inpatient behavioral health hospital and I saw how our siloed way of viewing the world was limiting true healing. Patients came back to the hospital again and again seeking healing and what they received were frequently bandaids for deep wounds.

I wanted to understand how the body and mind conjoined to create illness but more importantly, I wanted to learn how they came together to create health.

This journey led me to Bastyr University for a degree in Naturopathic medicine where I hoped to discover how to empower people to create these conditions. It was here that I finally gained traction in my own healing journey, stopping pharmaceuticals after 14 years and finding an internal knowing that I hadn’t been able to access before. It was also here that I met Susan and began what I consider the real work.

Through my work with Susan and the two years of mentorship on family constellations, soul retrieval, cord removal and other amazing modalities framed by spirit, I began to release the burden that I had thought was mine alone to carry. I learned about inherited family trauma, family constellation, soul parts and I began to know the divine within me.

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined my life could feel as rich and rewarding as it does and it is my honor to help others find the same.

Five things about me and my experience that might surprise you while we work together are:

  1. I have loved animals since I was a very little girl. They have always been a huge support to me during challenging times. I have strengthened this relationship while doing this work and discovering my own team of animal allies. I recently adopted a spirited pitbull named Cardamom who reminds me to find joy in the little things and not take myself too seriously.
  2. While in school I volunteered for an organization that works to close gaps in care and bring Naturopathic Medicine to women with limited access. In the future I am hopeful to find ways to make this type of work more accessible as well.
  3. I received my undergraduate degree from University of St Andrews in Scotland. I didn’t realize it at the time but my call to attend school in Scotland was not only honoring my love of travel but also a strong pull to explore my own roots and heritage. A return to the land of my ancestors.
  4. I am a very messy Virgo (sun and moon!) who is forever learning to find peace with her perfectionism. I delight in astrology and its ability to speak to us in ways that others cannot.
  5. I am afraid of heights and yet I rock climb weekly. I find the practice of calling in my allies and the divine during this practice strengthening in so many ways.

If this speaks to you, consider scheduling a free 30 minute discovery session or reach out via email: colleen@true-radiance.com

I look forward to speaking with you.