Advanced Shamanic Dreaming

Wednesday evenings, every other week

January 24

February 7

February 21

March 7

March 21


True Radiance Healing Arts
Edmonds, WA (near Meadowdale Playfields / north Edmonds)

$140 ($120 for full-time students)

For thousands of years, shamans have known the power of dreams. Working in the Dreamtime, they obtain valuable guidance, conduct healings, and build relationships with spirit allies.

Dreams offer us a source of vital energy as well as important information about our lives. This evening workshop series is for you if you are ready to go deeper into your understanding of dreams, who you are and what your life is about, and the resources available to you in the spirit world.

Building on the Shamanic Dreaming workshops, we will be further exploring dreams and ancient shamanic techniques for conscious, deliberate “dreaming” while awake.

This advanced series includes additional ways of understanding and working with the energy of dreams. It will also delve into shamanic techniques beyond the journeying and dream re-entry you learned in Shamanic Dreaming. You’ll learn new ways of obtaining guidance as well as how to do this work for other people.

Prerequisite: at least one prior Shamanic Dreaming workshop or journeying experience


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