Meet Greg Yasuda, ND – Specialty Naturopathic Medical Care

Dr. Yasuda is currently accepting patients in his Edmonds, WA office.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Colleen at

Dr. Yasuda works with these insurance providers: Regence, Premera, FirstChoice, and LifeWise. Because there are variations in plans within these companies, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider to ensure your visit will be covered. Out-of-pocket visits are $150 (discounts may apply for low income patients, including students), due at the time of your appointment.

Please allow an hour for your visit (first appointments may be longer).

Dr. Greg Yasuda has been in private practice since 2003 and is Associate Dean and Assistant Professor in Bastyr University’s School of Naturopathic Medicine. His clinical interests include chronic pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and immune system dysregulation, including chronic inflammation, allergies and autoimmunity. He is also a contributing editor of the chapter on Rheumatoid arthritis in the Textbook of Natural Medicine, 4th ed.

With an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, it is no surprise that Dr. Yasuda feels an affinity toward physical medicine. It is sometimes appropriate to use a mechanical analogy for the body, such as a car: if the structure isn’t sound then it’s function will be impaired. However, once we repair the structure then function will be restored. Generally speaking, structural problems in the body involve a loss of motion and physical medicine restores function by restoring motion. Visceral manipulation can restore motion to vital organs such as your stomach and liver, craniosacral and biocranial techniques can restore motion to the cranium and nervous system, myofascial release can restore motion to the musculoskeletal system, etc. These techniques and more are all tools that Dr. Yasuda has used and taught for many years.

The body can heal itself under the right circumstances. Therefore, Dr. Yasuda seeks to create the conditions to allow for healing, supporting each patient’s healing process according to their individual needs, not just their diagnosis, because every body is different: we all have different needs, wants, strengths, weaknesses, stories…we cannot assume that one person’s journey to health will be the same as anyone else’s. Therefore, appointments allow ample time to hear your story and incorporate interventions such as physical medicine, homeopathy, counseling, diet and lifestyle interventions. Dr. Yasuda feels honored to be able to help patients navigate their path of healing with more grace and ease.