Finding Belonging

Do you sometimes feel isolated or disconnected from others?

What if you could feel a deep sense of belonging?

  • Belonging is more than a wish; it’s a requirement for flourishing. In ancient times – and today – the greatest punishment was exile from the community.
  • Between the pandemic and the political divides, many of us are feeling rootless and separated from our communities.

What would it be like to know you have a place in the world?

During our time together you will have an opportunity to:

  • Have an experience of belonging with your family lineage, even if you never knew them
  • Feel your place in the tapestry of life
  • Connect with others who are on a similar journey

Investment in yourself for this workshop: $96

This workshop will be a small group, meeting on Zoom. It will be tailored, experiential and interactive; please plan to be fully present in a private space. To protect privacy, there will not be a recording.

Saturday, December 2nd
10am-1pm pacific (with breaks)

Meets online on Zoom.

Facilitated by Susan Pullen, Integrative Life Coach & Healing Facilitator. Click here to learn more about Susan.