Healing with Our Restoring Flow Six-Step Process

Whether facilitating a workshop or working one-on-one with clients, Susan guides people through a holistic process of discovery using a combination of science-based strategies, integrative healing processes, and spiritual practices. These techniques are woven into each step of the Restoring Flow Six Step Process.

Your program will be personalized with the elements of this process that are important to you at this time in your life. The Restoring Flow Six Step Process comprises the six keys, the six distinctions that, with awareness and practice, become the essential skills for restoring flow and living in alignment with your true radiance.

  • Release

    Address trauma in the family line

  • Reconnect

    Get in touch with who you really are


  • Remove blocks

    Find flow in your life

  • Recover your power

    Find your voice and confidence

    Recover your power

  • Restore self-worth

    Know that you are enough

  • Reorient

    Clarify your vision for meaningful life direction