About True Radiance Healing Arts

True Radiance Healing Arts supports people in freeing themselves from what has kept them bound or stuck so they can fully embody the person they came here to be.

We work with those who want to:

  • Feel better by removing obstacles to healing
  • Experience more love and support
  • Give—and receive—what their soul intended

We guide people in their growth and healing through individual sessions with a Life Coach & Healing Facilitator as well as through workshops and retreats.

We draw on several modalities in our work with people: Soul Healing, Family Constellations, Spiritual Mentoring, and Life Coaching. These are the foundations we mix together to create our individual and group programs.

About True Radiance Healing Arts in Edmonds

As well as personal development, True Radiance Healing Arts offers professional training for those who feel called to supporting roles (therapists, teachers, coaches, healers and healthcare practitioners).

We believe that we are self-healing and self-regulating, given the right conditions. We empower people in creating those right conditions in heart, mind, and spirit. We address the systemic, spiritual, and energetic root causes for troubles—we do not provide healthcare or therapy.

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