Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a collaborative partnership between you—with your expertise in your life and what has worked for you in the past—and your coach—with their expertise in tools and techniques to bring out the best in you. Life Coaching involves conversations that can evoke your strength, creativity, and inner motivation.

Life Coaching is all about helping you to access the wise part of yourself to make your own decisions, not giving advice. You’ll identify manageable action steps that you’d like to take to create the changes you want; We provide the support and accountability.

As a Life Coach, we can teach you strategies for getting clear about what you want and making it happen. We can offer tools for dissolving obstacles that can sometimes get in our way, such as procrastination, perfectionism, fears, or feeling overwhelmed.

Edmonds Life Coaching with Susan Pullen at True Radiance Healing Arts

How can Life Coaching help?

Edmonds Life Coaching with Susan Pullen at True Radiance Healing Arts

Life Coaching can help you create a life and an embodiment of yourself that you love, including:

  • Discovering your gifts and talents for a meaningful life direction
  • Making a major decision—such as about career, relationship, or family
  • Being happier with your life and relationships
  • Managing a stressful situation with grace
  • Creating a life vision after a period of care-giving, from Empty Nester’s to home health care
  • Living well with a life-threatening or chronic illness
  • Moving beyond fears
  • Figuring out how to effectively motivate yourself—beyond a to-do list or sign on the wall
  • Being kinder, less hard on yourself
  • Getting past counter-productive habits or self-sabotage

Our Approach

We’re passionate about supporting people in loving their life.

Our Life Coaches have a talent for seeing people’s strengths and talents, and we build on those strengths. We know that our clients are creative, capable, and resourceful—our role is helping them to see that, too.

Our Coaches teach evidence-based approaches, grounded in the science of how we think and make positive changes. We love to review the research for insights that can help my clients.

In your first session, we’ll set the priorities for our work together. In order to gain momentum in the direction of your goals, it works well to meet regularly—weekly or every other week—by phone, on Zoom or FaceTime, or in person at our office. Single appointments are sufficient in some cases.

Edmonds Life Coaching at True Radiance Healing Arts

Why Work With A Life Coach?

Our intuitive and passionate coaches are here to help you find your calm and creativity, heal, and reach your goals.

As Life Coaches, we are your allies in having, doing, and being what you want in your life. Unlike talking to a friend or family member, we don’t have our own agenda, and we won’t give you biased or manipulative advice.

Learn more about our Life Coaches Below. We’re on your team, 100%.