Lighten Up Your Life

Thursday, Sept 12, 2019

Bothell, WA

Are you feeling depleted, yet looking for inspiration?  This is the perfect time to:

Lighten Up Your Life

This half-day retreat is designed to help you release the past and embrace the spaciousness of being your true, vibrant Self.  Through a variety of approaches, you’ll have opportunities to:

  • Embody your vital essence
  • Give yourself permission to be your authentic self
  • Release your past to reclaim your power
We each come into the world as radiant beings. Over the course of our lives we can lose touch with this true nature – but it’s always there, waiting for us. You’ll learn tools for shifting the unconscious agreements you’ve made about who you’re allowed to be so that you can be who you really are. When we are centered in our authentic self, we feel inspired, more energized, and fully alive.
During our time together you will:
  • Experience a playful approach to reconnecting with yourself and building resilience
  • Learn powerful ways to remove barriers to being your authentic self.
  • Share a healthy, beautifully-crafted meal together (included in the retreat tuition).
  • Engage in a guided exercise for letting go of old burdens and deepening your connection to inner resources.
We’ll create a supportive circle that makes transformation easier. Weaving together guided healing work, practical teachings, and exercises designed to bring new perspective and insights, this half-day retreat will leave you feeling lighter, ready to move forward in your life with greater freedom.

Register early. Due to the nature of the retreat, enrollment is limited to 12 people. Retreat includes a healthy lunch shared in this community of women.

Co-facilitated by:

Debbie Carlson-Gould, Goddess in My Heart

Susan Pullen, True Radiance Healing Arts

Tammy Wilson Smith, Healthy Transformations

Feedback from other workshops with Susan:

“I loved it! The space felt so safe and open. I loved all the exercises and your calm, gentle energy.” ~ Workshop Participant, Edmonds

To Register: Email Susan.