Intuitive Healing Mentorship

If interested, email Susan

Intuitive Healing Mentorship is for people who want to incorporate intuitive methods into their healing practice – including energy work, shamanism, dreams, family constellations, guided imagery, meditations, and more.

The Intuitive Healer Mentorship will be a blend of didactic and practice sessions with others in the group. The aim is to build on your gifts, style, and knowledge to find *your* ways of working intuitively with people.

Topics will include:

  • energy hygiene and self-care
  • creating a safe container for soulwork
  • being present with strong emotions
  • continuing to develop and trust intuition
  • energetic, spiritual, and systemic perspectives on symptoms, illness and healing
  • assessment for energetic, spiritual, and systemic influences on health and well-being
  • introducing these themes and ideas with patients
  • incorporating intuition in developing a treatment plan
  • working with patients using healing tools in the imaginal realms
  • other topics depending on the interest of participants

Mentorship will be offered Fall-Spring, with a new 8-week session each quarter.

Meets in person in Edmonds, WA (address and directions will be sent at registration).

Space is limited to 6 people.


This group is open to participants by invitation or application.

Contact Susan if you would like to join the program.