Releasing Your Past, Fueling Your Future

Friday, February 4th
1:00-4:00pm (with breaks)

Meets online 

Is there something you’d like to change and you’ve tried and tried, and you just can’t make it happen?

What if you could finally make the change that you’ve always wanted to make?

I know what this is like because I’ve experienced it in my own life – and I’ve seen it in the lives of the people I work with – that sense of banging your head against the wall… and how freeing it feels when finally, the wall is not there, and you just move forward.

It turns out that many of our greatest struggles with health, happiness, relationships and even success have their roots in our family history.

These generational patterns can act as an unconscious program running in our life… even if we had a relatively happy childhood, even if we don’t know our family history.

Because these influences from our family history are mostly outside our awareness, we need a process for working with it that goes beyond simply talking about it. This process is called a family constellation.

What patterns would you like to change in your life?

During our time together you will have an opportunity to:

  • Gain an understanding of how a tragic or unhealed experience in your family history can play out in your life
  • Release the unhealthy bonds that keep you repeating the suffering of your ancestors
  • Connect with the strength and support in your family line – even if you’ve never known it before

Tuition: $79 or $150 for this workshop + Your Intuitive Body