What is energy healing?
“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” ~ Albert Einstein

Our physical body has an energetic system through which our life force animates our being. This energetic system is just as vital as our other systems, such as our skeletal system or our organs. This life force energy is meant to flow freely through our body.

When our life force energy becomes blocked, stagnant or imbalanced then we don’t function optimally. For example, on a physical level stuck energy can show up as physical health issues or symptoms. On a mental level, we can experience blocked energy as repeating thoughts or having a hard time focusing. Emotionally, energy that’s not moving properly can cause us to get caught in an emotional cycle of depression, anger, sadness, or having a hard time letting something go.

Energy healing is a growing field of holistic healing that works with the subtle energies in the body. These subtle energies move through energy centers called chakras and in channels known as meridians. To support these energy centers and meridians in flowing optimally, I bring life force energy directly from Source (the Divine, God, the Universe, or whatever you wish to call the creative force that is greater than us) through the body.

Chakra clearing and balancing can help to relieve chronic issues or stuck energy on physical, emotional, and mental levels.

What kinds of energy healing do you offer, specifically?

There are many forms of energy healing. I am trained in balancing and clearing energy to get it flowing again through a modality called ARCH. I can also support you in removing blocks in your energy field through shamanic work.

What is ARCH?

Similar to Reiki, ARCH uses universal life force energy to clear, balance, and harmonize our energetic body. This energy is brought into the energy centers of the body, called chakras, by placing my hands on or near that area of the body (top of the head, points on the spine, throat, chest, belly). Different from Reiki, where the practitioner is a conduit for the energy, in ARCH this energy is brought directly to the client without filtering.

ARCH was rediscovered in 2000 by Laurie Grant. It has roots in ancient Hawaiian wisdom and healing practices. One of the primary goals of ARCH is to help the client release any blockages or resistance to the healing already available to them. It also helps the client to remember and feel their own divine nature, their oneness with the great creative source of life.

What is shamanism?
Shamanism is an earth-based, thousands-of-years-old approach to healing and divination. It involves developing a relationship with helping spirits that can then be collaborated with to accomplish work or gain understanding.

Shamanism as a core set of healing approaches arose similarly all over the world, even in places that had no contact. Ancient peoples in Europe, tribal groups in Africa, native people in North America and South America, as well as people in Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia–all over the globe a strikingly similar set of beliefs about health and illness, and how to treat illness, developed simultaneously.

This core set of approaches includes using a rhythm (such as drumming or rattling) to help shift consciousness to a more meditative state. This is often called “shamanic journeying.” Within the meditative state, shamanic practitioners work with spirit allies including our ancestors, animal spirits, plant spirits, and others. Though not traditional, many practitioners also work with angels and spirit guides.

How is my work different from a doctor or therapist?
A doctor or therapist diagnoses and treats illness on a physiological or psychological level. I work with spiritual causes of dis-ease. You are probably familiar with the idea that symptoms or illness can manifest in the body but have their origin on another level. One example of this is that if you get stressed out it lowers the immune system and this can make you more susceptible to getting sick.

I do not diagnose, treat or cure illness or mental illness, but rather I look to see if there is a potential spiritual reason for what you are experiencing. Once identified, I can help effect a change through energy work and by teaching you how to change this pattern.