Soul Healing

What is Soul Healing?

Soul Healing at True Radiance Healing Arts

We are more than our physical body; there is an energetic aspect of our being that began before we were born and will exist beyond our death. This part of ourselves knows who and what we are here to become, yet the process of becoming that person doesn’t move in a straight line—there are twists and challenges along the way.

There is an age-old understanding that our soul:

  • Comes with gifts, talents, and intentions for this life
  • Grows through fragmenting (“soul loss”) and reintegrating (“soul retrieval”)
  • Uses all manner of wounds and hardships—as well as delightful experiences—to shape us into who we are
  • Communicates through the body (including symptoms), dreams, and creative expression

When we run into the same challenges or hit a wall in our growth and healing, it’s often because we haven’t addressed this deep level of ourselves: our soul and what it wants for us.

In painful experiences, one of our key survival strategies is to dissociate—to send a part of ourselves away in order for it to be protected. We can feel like we’re checked out, numb, or watching our life more than fully living it.

Like much of our work with clients, Soul Healing is fundamentally about reclaiming and integrating aspects of ourselves so we feel vital and whole, and at the same time releasing anything that doesn’t truly belong to us, such as others’ expectations and beliefs or other energies.