Frequently Asked Questions about Ways of the Soul

If I take this program, will I get some kind of certification?

What can I do as a healing facilitator?

Below are some of the areas you’ll have an opportunity to explore on a personal level, as well as potential niche paths as a healing facilitator.
Generally speaking, we help people to identify the hidden root cause (ancestral, emotional, energetic) of their challenges and free to live their destiny as the fullest version of themselves.
You’ll have the tools to work with people in:
  • Resolving physical symptoms
  • Shifting long-standing emotional patterns like depression, anxiety, shame, grief or anger
  • Changing relationship patterns so they are more available to love and free to be more loving
  • Opening to success, life purpose, and abundance
That covers a lot of territory!
There is a benefit to focusing your audience or what you help them with in terms of marketing and indeed you may have a particular passion for something more specific than all of the above.
Here are some potential niches that might interest you in using the skill-set you learn in Ways of the Soul:
  • Supporting physical healing: Addressing chronic conditions, mystery symptoms, and health issues that don’t respond to other treatments by working with the root cause
  • Supporting emotional healing: Addressing long-standing emotional patterns or pervasive emotions that seem to come out of nowhere
  • Fertility and New Parenthood: Working with people who are preparing to get pregnant or have had difficulty getting pregnant/ having a pregnancy go full term, working with people who don’t want to pass on family patterns to their children; people who don’t want to be like their parents – want to be a parent in a different/better way
  • Women’s health: specializing in healing related to menses, fertility, miscarriage, abortion
  • Integrative health coaching: working with the root causes of physical symptoms, energy healing/spiritual healing, health behavior change
  • Spiritual coaching or mentoring: creating ritual, connection with intuition and allies, energy hygiene
  • Spiritual/energy healing: removing blocks in the energy field; addressing the energetic and spiritual root causes; balancing energy; clearing people’s field, home or business; teaching energy hygiene and energetic boundary skills, helping people discern what’s theirs from what they’ve taken on
  • Belonging coaching: feeling more at home in the world, changing relationship patterns of feeling unaccepted, betrayed or alone; feeling more connected to support
  • Relationship/Love coaching: supporting people in removing the blocks to finding love; changing patterns so they don’t get in the same unhappy relationship over again with a different person; fully releasing a past relationship; restoring power and joy after a difficult break-up; being more comfortable getting close to someone instead of making a run for it; don’t want a relationship like their parents had
  • Life coaching: creating a life people love; moving past perfectionism, procrastination, self-sabotage, stuck places
  • Life Purpose coaching: guiding people to discover their gifts and purpose, move into living their life dream (having more success/happiness than their family members did, getting past fears, feeling supported)
  • Empowerment coaching: releasing energetic connections to past relationships, restoring life force, stepping into your greatness, improving boundaries, using your voice, knowing what you want even when others have an opinion about what’s best for you
  • Leadership coaching: working with organizational dynamics, supporting people in being the best version of themselves, developing confidence
  • Business coaching/money coaching: opening to receive more money, getting past blocks, developing confidence, clarifying vision, asking for what you want, shifting beliefs about what you deserve
  • Forgiveness/ self-forgiveness or self love coaching: developing a friendlier, more accepting and compassionate relationship with myself, working with inner child, releasing guilt or shame, bringing resolution in situations where there appears to be no opening, “letting go” of past transgressions
  • Personal growth: helping people understand why they are the way they are and to have more compassion with themselves, giving people more freedom in being their true self
  • Embodiment coaching: supporting people in making friends with their body and emotions; being more in touch with their body so they can feel more grounded, safer, and alive.
  • Legacy coaching, End-of-Life support: to make peace with dying, decrease fear, and focus on what you are/want to pass on to the next generations.
  • And more

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