Your Intuitive Body

Friday, January 21

1:00-4:00pm Pacific (with breaks)

Meets online

Intuition is our ability to receive guidance and information beyond what our conscious mind has learned or reasoned.

This ability is available to everyone because it comes through your soul – the eternal aspect of you that is connected to Everything.

You can probably think of a time when you knew – or at least had an inkling – about something that you had no logical way of knowing, like knowing who is calling on the phone (without caller ID).

For most of us, intuition operates in the background, usually outside of our conscious awareness. But what if you could access your intuition more often?

You know you have intuition. And yet, it’s like knowing that you have gold on your property, but you don’t know where.

What if I could show you a map in an afternoon, and point to where you could find that gold? How might it change your life?

In my life, it looks like this: I have more confidence, I have a greater sense of connection, and a greater sense of support from the universe.

And in an afternoon, you can have that as well.

If you’re ready to…

  • ramp up your intuition
  • receive guidance from your soul
  • learn how your body is giving you information about your relationships, your life calling, and your healing

…then this workshop is for you.

During our time together you will:
  • Understand how to tell the difference between real intuition and other thoughts
  • Learn several ways of asking for and receiving guidance
  • Experience your connection to the web of life

Tuition: $79 or $150 for this workshop + Releasing Your Past, Fueling Your Future