Healing Programs

What would it take for you to love your life?

Our work together can focus on improving your health and well-being, finding and living your life purpose, improving relationships, dissolving blocks to moving forward, being happier, using your voice, discovering and exploring your gifts, handling fear and anxiety, trusting yourself, or treating yourself with greater respect and kindness.

I specialize in helping people who are interested in:

  • feeling better
  • lightening emotional burdens
  • resolving inherited family trauma
  • moving past blocks, fear or feeling stuck to create a change
  • clarifying life direction
  • being in their body, embodying their best self
  • understanding and using their spiritual gifts
  • feeling connected to and supported by life

Working with me

I want to work together to help you get out of your own way and have a life you love. I have 20 years of experience, and I am grateful for the wonderful words my clients have shared about working with me. My philosophy is to support you in restoring your own natural ability to heal and create change through our work together.

I offer sessions by phone, Zoom online videoconferencing, and in person from my office in Edmonds, Wash.

Healing Programs with Susan Pullen at True Radiance Healing Arts

Healing and Coaching Programs with Susan

Sessions typically include a blend of ancient wisdom and healing methods along with the science of how we think and create changes. Each program and session is completely tailored to you and your needs. In our complimentary Get to Know You call, we’ll determine which option is the best fit for you. Let’s get started!

Private Family Constellation Package

  • Includes a 20-minute intake phone session and one 90-minute Deep Dive family constellation session.
  • This program is ideal for working with a specific goal or issue.
  • This option is a great choice when you’re already working with another practitioner and you’re looking for specialized support to complement the on-going work you’re already doing.

7 Session Package

  • Includes seven 90-minute Deep Dive Sessions
  • This program is ideal for creating a significant shift in your life.
  • This program is based on the Restoring Flow Six Step Process (see below) and customized to support your goals.
  • Can include family constellations, soul healing, life coaching and spiritual mentorship.
  • Along with one-on-one sessions, you also get recordings of meditations and worksheets to support your goals

Ideally, to build momentum and maintain the changes you want in your life, I recommend meeting every 2-3 weeks as well as completing the program within 3 months.

To get started, use the button below to schedule a complimentary Get to Know You phone call with Susan.

Restoring Flow Six Step Process

Whether facilitating a workshop or working one-on-one with clients, Susan guides people through a holistic process of discovery using a combination of science-based strategies, integrative healing processes, and spiritual practices. These techniques are woven into each step of the Restoring Flow Six Step Process.

Your program will be personalized with the elements of this process that are important to you at this time in your life. The Restoring Flow Six Step Process comprises the six keys, the six distinctions that, with awareness and practice, become the essential skills for restoring flow and living in alignment with your true radiance.

#1. Release trauma in the family line

Traumatic experiences and tragedies can get passed down through the generations, impacting your physical and emotional well-being. This trauma in the family soul can keep you from healing, even with good treatments, so you can end up going to multiple practitioners without getting to the root of the problem.

Through Family Constellation work, you’ll be able to identify and release the trauma in your family history that’s been contributing to your chronic symptoms.

#2: Reconnect with yourself

When we live through difficult experiences, a part of our soul may leave. You might feel like you haven’t been the same since this event, like you’re watching your life more than fully living your life.

This part of the process returns lost parts of yourself back to your body to restore vital energy for your life. As a result, it activates your innate self-healing abilities and makes you feel like yourself again.

#3: Remove blocks and regain flow 

Learn the tools for navigating past common obstacles like procrastination, resistance, self-sabotage, and feeling overwhelmed. You’ll gain strategies for moving forward on your most important goals, even when your time and energy are low.

#4: Recover Your Power

Learn how to step into your confidence, while letting go of comparison and feeling like a fraud. You’ll learn to find a balance between giving and receiving so relationships have more ease.

In this step, you’ll learn how to hold healthy boundaries, having compassion without taking on other people’s struggles. Own your gifts and trust in your abilities so you have clarity around what your best next choices are.

#5: Restore self-worth and belonging

This process teaches you how to powerfully quiet the negative thoughts about yourself in your head. You’ll tap into a sense of belonging and finally feel your worth.

When you do this, you’re able to see the opportunities and solutions that always existed all around you but you couldn’t see when the negative thoughts were taking over your mind.

#6: Reorient to your soul calling

This step shows you how to open to the spiritual support that’s available to you. You’ll reconnect with your intuition and inner knowing so that you no longer feel confused about what to do next. You’ll understand your spiritual gifts so you can reach your highest potential and fulfill your life purpose.