Healing Programs

What would you like to change in your life?

Our work together can focus on improving your health and well-being, finding and living your life purpose, letting go of the past, resolving blocks to moving forward, being happier, unleashing creativity, discovering and exploring your gifts, handling fear and anxiety, trusting yourself, or treating yourself with greater respect and kindness.

I specialize in helping people who are interested in:

  • living well with chronic symptoms or illness
  • creating a life vision after a long period of care-giving
  • moving past blocks, fear or feeling stuck to accomplish a goal
  • searching for new meaning in their life after a major transition
  • longing to bring forward their best self
  • feeling connected to and supported by life

Working with me

I want to work together to help you get out of your own way and have a life you love. I have more than 15 years of experience, and I am grateful for the wonderful words my clients have shared about working with me. My philosophy is to help you restore your own natural ability to heal through our work together. I offer sessions by phone, Skype/Zoom, and in person from my office in Edmonds, Wash.

Healing Programs with Susan Pullen at True Radiance Healing Arts

Healing Programs with Susan

Sessions typically include a blend of ancient wisdom and healing methods along with the science of how we think and create changes. Each program and session is completely tailored to you and your needs. In our complimentary Get to Know You call, we’ll determine which option is the best fit for you. Let’s get started!

Be the Change

Includes three 90-minute sessions

This program is ideal for working with a specific goal or issue.

This option is a great choice when you’re already working with another practitioner and you’re looking for a particular kind of support to the on-going work you’re already doing.

Powerful Shift

Includes nine 90-minute sessions

This program is ideal for working on a bigger shift in your life or focusing on a complex goal.

This program is based on the “Alive and Aligned” Six Step Process (see below) and customized to help you reach your goals.

To support you in building momentum and maintaining the changes you want in your life, I recommend meeting every week or every other week as well as completing the program within 6 months.

To get started, use the button below to schedule a complimentary Get to Know You call with Susan, via phone, Skype/Zoom, or in person.

Alive and Aligned Six Step Process

Whether facilitating a workshop or working one-on-one with clients, Susan guides people through a holistic process of discovery using a combination of science-based strategies and spiritual practices and tools. These techniques are woven into each step of the Alive and Aligned Six Step Process.

This process comprises the six keys and distinctions that, with awareness and practice, become the essential skills for feeling vibrantly alive and living in alignment with your true radiance.

The Alive and Aligned Six Step Process with Susan Pullen of True Radiance Healing Arts

#1: Regain Your Vitality

Are you dealing with symptoms you haven’t been able to change? Do you feel like you’re not fully engaged in your life?

The first step is about restoring vital energy for your life and supporting your innate self-healing abilities. You’ll regain access to aspects of yourself that you lost connection with, such as your voice, your joy, or your confidence. Feel more present in your life, more engaged.

The Alive and Aligned Six Step Process with Susan Pullen of True Radiance Healing Arts

#2: Release Blocks and Restore Flow

Are you feeling stuck? Are you frustrated and tired of feeling like you keep running into the same old issues?

In this step, you’ll learn tools for navigating beyond common obstacles like procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotage, fear, and feeling overwhelmed. You can break repeating patterns in your life, such as betrayal, bad luck, or not following through on things that are important to you. You’ll also shift emotional patterns like anger, regret, or sadness. Soften resistance and feel more open to life and to love.

The Alive and Aligned Six Step Process with Susan Pullen of True Radiance Healing Arts

#3: Connect with Your Wise Self

Are you craving meaningful direction in your life? Do you feel called, but not quite clear about where you’re going or how? Would you like to feel more guided?

This step shows you how to open to the spiritual support that’s available to you. You’ll reconnect with your intuition and inner knowing. You’ll develop a vision for your life that comes from inspiration—rather than habit, fear, or other people’s ideas of what’s right for you. Get clear on what you truly want, so you can move forward with greater ease and purpose.

The Alive and Aligned Six Step Process with Susan Pullen of True Radiance Healing Arts

#4: Recover Your Power

Have you given more of yourself than you wanted or intended to? Do you sacrifice your own needs in order to make others comfortable? Do you get discouraged by comparing yourself to others?

This step teaches you how to step into your confidence, while letting go of comparison and feeling like a fraud. You’ll collect your power from the places and times where you may have given it away. In this step, you’ll learn how to hold better boundaries without taking on so much of other people’s struggles. You’ll also learn how to ask for and receive the help you want while still standing in your power. Own your gifts and trust in your abilities.

The Alive and Aligned Six Step Process with Susan Pullen of True Radiance Healing Arts

#5: Take Manageable Action Steps

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you struggle to find the energy and motivation to make the changes you want? Do you feel like you make progress only to have a big setback?

Discover how to move ahead with inspired action, aligned with who you really are. This step teaches you how to move forward in a way that’s kind to yourself, not just pushing yourself through. You’ll learn how to make and maintain steady progress on your path without getting overwhelmed. You’ll also find ways to make it easier to do the things you know are supportive for you, yet you might have a hard time doing.

The Alive and Aligned Six Step Process with Susan Pullen of True Radiance Healing Arts

#6: Celebrate Your Successes

Are you always looking ahead at the next thing that needs to be dealt with? Do you worry about backsliding on progress you’ve made?

In this step, you’ll learn to notice and really feel your accomplishments. You’ll take stock of positive changes you’ve created and use what you’ve learned in the process to anchor it and keep going.