Removing Blocks in Your Energy | True Radiance Healing Arts

Removing Blocks in Your Energy Field

In the physical body, energy that isn’t moving can cause uncomfortable symptoms or illness. Here are simple steps to removing blocks in our energy.

Animal Spirit Guides | True Radiance Healing Arts

Animals in Dreams: Could it Be Your Animal Spirit Guide?

An animal might appear in your dream to offer you their help or to invite you into a working relationship. Do you know which one is your animal spirit guide?

How to Be Helpful | True Radiance Healing Arts

How to Be Truly Helpful

A habit of prioritizing helping others ahead of our own well-being can lead us to getting exhausted or even ill. Learn how to be helpful without compromising yourself.

Black and White Thinking | True Radiance Healing Arts

Black and White Thinking: Good or Bad?

When we engage in black and white thinking, we miss the complexity and subtlety in situations because we can’t see multiple perspectives. Learn more about dichotomous thinking.

Rewire Your Thought Patterns and Reconcile with Reality | True Radiance Healing Arts

“That did NOT just happen”: Reconciling with reality

Many times, our idea of what should be and the reality of what is conflict. We might find ourselves circling the same thoughts, getting stuck in the story. And until we change the way we talk to ourselves about the situation and rewire our thought patterns, we will remain trapped in it.

Dreams Guide Us to Our Life Purpose | True Radiance Healing Arts

Dreams Point the Way Toward Your Life Purpose

When I tell people that my dreams have been a guiding light in finding my life purpose, I get some strange looks. But our dreams are actually messages from our Higher Selves, and they include guidance on everything from health to relationships to our life purpose.

Open Your Heart to Your Emotions | True Radiance Healing Arts

Opening Your Heart to Your Emotions

When we give ourselves the time and space to deliberately turn our attention to our feelings, they can begin to move. Have you been paying close attention to your emotions?

Say Yes to Healing | True Radiance Healing Arts

Saying Yes to Healing

When injured—emotionally or physically—the fastest way to improvement is to say yes to healing. The more we fight it, the longer we will remain stuck in our original hurt state.