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Breaking Free of Fear

Fear is a common issue for many people. It can keep us from moving forward in our life in the ways we want to, rearing its head when we venture outside our routine. Here are a handful of tools for breaking free from fear.

Break Your Own Rules | True Radiance Healing Arts

Feeling Boxed In? Time to Break Your Own Rules

Have you ever sat down and examined the list of rules that you’ve absorbed from family, friends, teachers, and culture? You just might be boxing yourself in, and it just might be time to break your own rules.

“That’s Not My Baby” ~ Shying Away from Being Responsible

Most of us have had the experience of not wanting to take responsibility for an issue or area of our life. This reluctance can show up as denial, procrastination or avoidance with following through with tasks. Our reluctance to deal with a situation can have it’s root in several places, including: fear of increased pressure […]

Better than a Magic Force-field: Dealing with a Difficult Family Member

In a couple of hours I’ll be taking my aunt to a doctor appointment. This is something we do quite frequently given that she has Alzheimer’s Disease and I am her Power of Attorney for Health-care. My aunt can be quite an intense person — very judgmental, self-centered and with a strong temper. I still […]

Building Confidence

When learning something new, we usually aren’t very good at it. Please know that this is normal. If you want to bolster your confidence with a particular skill, the best way to do that is to practice, practice, practice. If you are someone who expects yourself to be an expert with new skills or knowledge […]

On Wanting to Protect Others from Suffering

I caught myself the other day, composing a birthday post to a friend on Facebook, about to write “I wish you all good things.” I stopped in my tracks, thinking “is that really what I would wish for them?” While part of me certainly doesn’t want my friends and family to encounter hardships or to […]

Life Purpose in Dreams

Because our life purpose is so central to our lives, our dreams often contain information about it. While the entire dream would have to be looked at to understand the full message, here are a few symbols to look for in dreams that comment on our life purpose: 1. A dream character in a position […]

Life Purpose: 8 Key Points

1. Having a purpose to our life is universal. We all came to this lifetime with an intention. We have gifts we came to offer and learning we came to integrate. 2. Our life purpose is unique. Each person’s life purpose consists of their own blend of talents and struggles, carried out in their own way. […]